YouthMetre Slovia Study Group

Trnava (Slovakia) YouthMetre Study Group

October 7th, 2016 / karld / 0 comments

“Na zdravie!” Our Slovak tour gets underway with a white wine toast. We are in a cool wine bar in the historical centre of Bratislava. We’ve just met Denisa and her nice friends. They are all members of European Dialogue, a Slovak think-tank based in Trnava, aimed at raising awareness of European issues within the … Continue reading Trnava (Slovakia) YouthMetre Study Group

Berlin YouthMetre Study Group: When authorities listen to youth

September 8th, 2016 / karld / 0 comments

This was the first European YouthMetre project event to be held in Germany, under the patronage of the Berlin District Authorities of Charlottenburg – Wilmersdorf. On September 9, the first German YouthMetre study group session on European youth policy issues took place in Haus der Jugend Anne Frank (House of Youth Anne Frank) in Berlin. … Continue reading Berlin YouthMetre Study Group: When authorities listen to youth

Discussion study group in Cypris

A YouthMetre Study Group on Cyprus

July 7th, 2016 / karld / 0 comments

  The first time I met Kypros was in Palermo (Italy) during a seminar funded by the Erasmus+ Programme and aimed at fostering the networking of youth workers around Europe. Kypros was a “newcomer” in the sector: he was living in Limassol and was part of an informal group called “See why” whose members were … Continue reading A YouthMetre Study Group on Cyprus

YouthMetre Study Group in Athens

July 5th, 2016 / karld / 0 comments

  Inter Alia has its head office located in Exarcheia: a neighborhood in downtown Athens. This area is known – among other things – as “homeground” for Anarchists and as the place where the 2008 riots began. While heading the office I walk through the quarter’s streets full of graffiti and posters opposing the economic … Continue reading YouthMetre Study Group in Athens

lisbon studygroup

Lisbon (Portugal) YouthMetre Study Group

June 20th, 2016 / karld / 0 comments

Monday morning. Almost 30 degrees. When you are used to living in Belgium, it’s really hard to (re)familiarise yourself with these high temperatures. Sweaty and overloaded of bags and material, we got off from the metro and headed to the University of Lisbon. A couple of students kindly helped us to find IGOT (the Instituto de … Continue reading Lisbon (Portugal) YouthMetre Study Group