For Policy Makers

YouthMetre closes the gap between youth and policy makers. Our tools and training allows local and regional authorities improve their involvement with youth.

The YouthMetre helps you find information, inspiration and take youth friendly initiatives in your region.

Download and share a flyer for policy makers


Our e-tools visualise regional and national data on youth policy achievements to make it fast to track your progress and compare yourself with other authorities.

By visualising interactive data on youth policies that is ready to use, we ensure you have all the evidence to support your policy decisions at the local level.

Our newsletter and social channels let you stay informed on the latest news and events within the youth field.


YouthMetre connects youths and policy makers to create dialogues. Our tools seek to make the conversation concrete and give you ideas for how to practically proceed.

Reach out to young people in your community, learn about their needs, and work together on their ideas through our community tool.


We are creating a network of the best authorities at engaging youths around the whole of the EU, which you can join.

Get inspired on how best to engage with young people in all areas of the EU Youth Strategy through our great practices collection. These areas are:

  • Education and Training
  • Employment and Entrepreneurship
  • Health and Well-being
  • Social inclusion
  • Participation
  • Voluntary Activities
  • Creativity and Culture
  • Youth and the World

Contact us to join our network for policy makers, meet our young influencers in your area, and more.