Good practices and youth perceptions


This Module presents the results of the YouthMetre research on good practices in the field of youth (covering the 8 Key Areas of the EU Youth Strategy) and facilitates the use of a YouthMetre online interactive map. Furthermore, the youth perceptions on good practices that have been collected through the activities carried out with YouthMetre Study Groups will be shared. Finally it offers learners non-formal methods to help young people discuss, identify and propose good practices.

Follow a three-step process using YouthMetre tools in order to:
1. draw inspiration from a collection of good practices in the youth field or check for good practices in your area;
2. follow the YouthMetre guidelines on how to develop Good Practice examples of your own;
3. share your ideas for your community or read other ideas in your area.

“Good Practices” map

Find and analyse
the Good Practice

Your good practice idea
in the field of…

“My Idea for
My Community” map