“My Idea for My Community” map

Activity: through this simple computer based activity it is possible to access, explore and use the My Idea for My Community map to share ideas, draft projects concerning a region, city, district or street. This tool can especially be used during local participatory processes that involve local authorities.

Time: 25 minutes.

Materials: Internet, computers and link to the Good Practices Map http://tinyurl.com/hmpuwsd.

Step 1

YouthMetre has developed the collaborative map My Idea for My Community.

Click on the map and you are ready to virtually move around EU States and check the project ideas, suggestions and opinions published by other YouthMetre users.

Click on the coloured pins on the map, a window will open up showing what other young EU citizens have written down concerning a specific idea or project draft they have to improve a specific Key Area for youth.

Note any interesting or useful ideas.

my idea for my community map
my idea for my community map

Step 2

Description: How to share your ideas
individually or in groups ask the participants to use the following instructions for using the My Community Map.

The My Idea for My Community map allows you to drop a pin and share ideas on the map localised in a certain district, region or city. Guide the participants through these simple steps:
1. From the YouthMetre toolbox on the top left of the Map, select the Edit icon;
2. A window will pop up on the right part of the map. It displays different coloured pins: one for each youth policy key-area;
3. Select the Pin and Key-Area they would like to share their ideas about by clicking on it;
4. Drop the pin, by clicking on the map, where they would like their idea to be realized or on the geographical area they would work within (note you can zoom in and out and also move around the map);
5. Write down idea, opinion, and your draft project! Add other information.
6. close the box and your idea will be displayed on the map.

Do you need guidance in developing your ideas? If so, see the Your good practice idea in the field of… activity to develop good practice projects.

Step 3

Debriefing: at the end of the process, once all ideas have been created, ask the participants to read and comment on them.

Are these ideas feasible? What were the main topics covered?

Some useful resources
− EU Youth Strategy: http://ec.europa.eu/youth/policy/youth_strategy/index_en.htm
− EU Youth Monitor: http://ec.europa.eu/youth/dashboard/index_en.htm
− EU Commission Employment, Social Affairs and Inclusion – Dissemination of good practices: http://ec.europa.eu/social/main.jsp?catId=1074&langId=en”target=ne
− Salto-YOUTH Good Practices Projects Database: https://www.salto-youth.net/tools/goodpractices/
− EU Good practice brochure http://ec.europa.eu/assets/eac/youth/policy/youth_strategy/documents/youth-participation-brochure_en.pdf