Your good practice idea in the field of…

Take a further step towards preparing the draft of a youth project by following the guidelines. We provide you some tips to be followed when writing a project application or devising a project in the youth field.

How can a specific Youth Key Area be improved?

Elaborate in a few sentences one or two Good Practice ideas in one of the 8 EU Youth Strategy Key Areas.
In developing your ideas, you should take into account what kind of problem you would like to solve, who will benefit from your ideas and what about this project excites you.

Remember that the Good Practices should be applicable to your own region or country.

Step 1

Activity: this activity is a first step at addressing problems in your area and to find possible solutions using a simple template to build a proposal for a project idea.

Time: 60min

Materials: print a sufficient number of copies the template or share the digital template (Your good practice idea in the field of…) to complete, pens or computers.

Your Good Practice Idea Template

Young Influencers training in Brussels

Step 2

Description: this activity can be conducted individually or in groups if people share same interests and goals. Give freedom to the participants to work alone, or in groups and to choose topics of their own interest. It can be used with people who are not familiar with project design.
The participants have one hour to develop a draft project idea following these instructions. Give them the templates explaining before this each question and provide them support during the activity if needed.

While drafting your ideas, try to answer to the following questions
i) Describe the context in which you intend to implement your project
ii) Which issue are you willing to solve/overcome/eliminate?
iii) Transform the answers in challenges: how might we solve the problem?
iv) Who is going to benefit from your idea?
v) What is it about this idea most excites or interests you?
vi) Who are the people you want to involve?
vii) What budget are you going to allocate to develop your idea?

Step 3

Debriefing: each of the participants can briefly present their ideas to the group who can then give them feedback and suggestions

You can download a more advanced version of this activity and template form. The activity is called called: Good Practice Project – Linking the Dots
Linking the Dots Template