Concepts Paths – Creativity Mind Game

Activity: the aims of this activity are to warm-up the participant’s minds and bodies for creative sessions, in order to practice and train their innovative abilities. The Concepts Path is an activity aimed to arouse creativity and stimulate synergies among two concepts -a starting and a destination point- which are not directly connected.

When humans reason upon a conundrum or an issue, they actually follow a similar path: from an initial situation which is known, to a new, preferably better one. In between, they build a series of logical steps and milestones in order to reach the expected situation in the lowest possible number of steps.

This is the same path that should be followed in order to elaborate a successful and applicable Good Practice Project Proposal, one that respects the Good Practice criteria highlighted above.

Step 1

1. Give participants two words: “a departure point” and “a destination point”. They should be items, concepts or nouns.
2. Participants should create an association “highway” between those 2 points, using as many additional “points” as they need.
3. It should be a clear and present the association between one point to next one. But they don’t need longer associations than between 2 points.
4. The objective is to use the minimum number of “points”: as few as possible.

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Step 2

Examples of departure and end points

Step 3

Example of a concept path


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