Myth or Reality?

Activity: the aim of this quiz is to introduce young people to European cooperation in the youth field.

Time: 40 minutes.

This is an optional exercise and is not included in the training plan

Step 1

Materials: a printed version of the quiz sheet Myth or Reality? Or the Powerpoint presentation Myth or Reality? And a projector.

Download the quiz sheet: Myth or Reality?

Download the Powerpoint presentation

Myth Presentation

Step 2

Instructions: organise the participants in 2 groups and use the quiz sheet to ask the questions to the groups or use the Powerpoint presentation.

Give the groups one minute to answer and then give the explanation to the answer one at a time. The group that gives the most correct answers is the winner.

Step 3

Debriefing: you can start a discussion with the groups on how European cooperation in the youth field takes place making sure that all the topics that are covered have been understood.

Making A Point