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21. June 2018

YouthMetre team organised a seminar and workshop in Prague hosted by the Bakala Foundation. Martin Maska introduced participants into political marketing and youth advocacy, Mariell Raisma (EYP Board Member) presented principles and methods of communication with media.

19. – 20. June 2018

YouthMetre was presented at the

1. – 2. June 2018

YouthMetre partners presented their project at the EYE (European Youth Event) conference at the European Parliament in Strasbourg on 1 June. A workshop was coordinated by European Youth Press and EUROGEO and the University of Zaragoza presented the tools and the GeoCitizen app.

You can find more information here and the presentation on Slideshare here.

17. May 2018

YouthMetre team organised seminar and workshop called “Yes, you can! E-keysto youth participation in decision making” in Vilnius. The event was attended by representatives of Lithuanian youth organisations. Martin Maska presented them YouthMetre and GeoCitizen tools, as well as topic of youth advocacy and tools for successful campaigning.

4. – 6. May 2018

YouthMetre was presented at the European Commission Scientix conference as a scientific approach to data gathering and visualisation in Brussels. More than 600 science educators attended the event.

You can find more information about Scientix here

4. May 2018

The results of Final Conference “Structured Dialogue: the use of digital tools to foster youth engagement in policy-making”, held the 24th of April 2018 at the Committee of the Regions (Brussels, Belgium) and organised in the frame of the YouthMetre project are available online

2. May 2018

On 24 April, YouthMetre Project partners held the Final Conference of the project YouthMetre. The conference took place at the Committee of the Regions (Brussels), and gathered together more than 60 representatives of European institutions, local and regional authorities, civil society associations, experts and ordinary citizens to exchange knowledge, experiences and good practices on how to use digital tools to foster youth engagement in policy-making. Full story is available online

24. April 2018

The final YouthMetre conference took place and the Committee of Regions in Brussels. Project partners presented their achievements and there were interventions from other Forward Looking Projects and participants from different European institutions. See the introductory presentation

Read the blog about the event here

19. March 2018

YouthMetre final conference with title “Structured Dialogue: the use of digital tools to foster youth engagement in policy-making” will take place on 24 April 2018 in the Committee of the Regions in Brussels.  The registration to the event is requested to access the CoR. Please  register until 9th April, 12:00 CET by submitting form available on this link.

You can find more information here and the agenda here.

15. – 17. March 2018

YouthMetre presented at the session Participative Geography,  2018 Conference of EUROGEO in Cologne, Germany: EUROGEO 2018 Geography for all

29. – 30. January 2018

YouthMetre disseminated at the 56th Session for Social Development, United Nations: 56th Session of the Commission for Social Development

16. November 2017
A YouthMetre Training Course was developed to help young Europeans understanding and influencing youth policy. The resources are online, and are available for free through the Training page of the project website..

8. – 10. November 2017
YouthMetre at the World Forum of Democracy: Un profesor de la Universidad de Zaragoza participará mañana en el Foro Mundial para la Democracia.

28. – 29. October 2017
Dissemination of YouthMetre at the 5th Global ECPD Youth Forum, Belgrade. Presentation: Youth (e-)Participation in Evidence-Based Decision Making and Advocacy

25. – 27. October 2017
Dissemination of YouthMetre at the Spanish Association of Geographers’  Annual Meeting 2017.

24. October 2017
Third YouthMetre Project Newsletter.

19. October 2017
Presentation: Future of Learning Conference, Brussels “Digital Storytelling: using the potential of maps and open data on the Cloud”.

5. October 2017
Getting noticed! YouthMetre innovation in new Council of Europe publication.

26. September 2017
‘Promoting e-participation of youngsters across Europe’ YouthMetre in the spotlight.

30. August 2017
YouthMetre consortium organises workshop “YouthMetre: an innovative tool for e-participation of youth in policy making across Europe” on 12 October 2017 in Brussels. The deadline for registrations is on 30 September 2017. You can also check official flyer.

19. July 2017
YouthMetre was presented at the First International Korean-European Joing Conference on Geographical Education.

28. June 2017
European Youth Press and ARS for Progress of People were present at G100 – the final event of the 5th cycle of Structured dialogue for the Belgian Wallonn Region. The event was organised in Namur by the Conseille de la Jeunesse de la Federation Wallonie-Bruxelles and gathered about 50 young people, local policy-makers and youth NGOs.

12. – 14. June 2017
YouthMetre was showcased as a best practice during the Symposium Youth Policy Responses to the Contemporary Challenges Faced by Young People. The symposium was organised in the framework of the Czech Chairmanship of the Committee of Ministers of the Council of Europe in Prague.

June 2017
YouthMetre presented at the OpenDataFest 2017: The report of the conference

15. May 2017
The YouthMetre has been accepted to participate to the conference The Future of Education and Youth Work: Approaches and Practices around the World, which will take place in Athens from the 30th of November to the 2nd of December 2017. On this occasion the ARS for Progress of People’s staff will present the paper Can web-tools restore youth participation in politics?, disclosing results and insights collected throughout the YouthMetre study groups on the topic of youth engagement in decision making processes.

10. – 11. May
ALDA held a dissemination and awareness raising event on the YouthMetre project for local authorities in Toruń – in the framework of their General Assembly.

3. – 4. May 2017
ARS for Progress of People, European Youth Press and ALDA took part to the event Future EU Youth Strategy: Shape it, Move it, Be it, organised by the European Commission within the framework of the European Youth Week. The event has been the occasion to gather youth policy experts and stakeholders and let them brainstorm about strenghts and weaknesses of the EU Youth Strategy.

10. – 13. April 2017
Dissemination of YouthMetre at the American Association of Geographers Annual Meeting 2017.

2. – 3. March 2017
YouthMetre workshop at EUROGEO 2017 Conference Key challenges for geographical education, Amsterdam.

March 2017
Youth engagement for policy reform

21. February 2017
Partner organisation ALDA’s experiences at YouthMetre’s launch

14. February 2017
YouthMetre launched at the European Committee of Regions!

1. February 2017

Launch seminar full – registrations closed

January 2017
YouthMetre published the research on the European youth policy

30. – 31. January 2017
YouthMetre presented at 2017 United Nations ECOSOC Youth Forum: The role of youth in poverty eradication and promoting prosperity in a changing world. Unizar has had an active participation at the breakout session on key regional priorities for youth development: Europe and North America. New York, UN Headquarters.

23. January 2017

Politiki News

10. January 2017
Youth Policy Research

5. January 2017
Committee of Regions page

15. November 2016
Second Project Newsletter

23. – 26. October 2016
YouthMetre was presented at the EuroMed Forum Sustainability session, Malta. See more.

19. – 20. October 2016
YouthMetre was disseminated at the 31st Session of the Congress of Local and Regional Authorities of the Council of Europe, Strasbourg, France.

29. – 30. September 2016
YouthMetre presented at the annual meeting and conference annual meeting and conference of EUROGEO in Malaga, Spain.

5. September 2016
CESIE published an article about YouthMetre partners meeting held in Zaragoza on the 13 and 14 June.

22. July 2016
InterAlia News

26. June 2016
Focus on Youth, Intergenerational event at the Council of Europe Youth Department, speed dating for youth. See more.

9. – 10. Jun 2016
the University of Cambridge hosted 3rd Interdisciplinary Conference on Social Protest. The topic was “Multidisciplinary Approaches to Social Change,Protest, and Political Mobilisation“. Karl Donert participated as a speaker and presented YouthMetre.

20. – 21. May 2016
YouthMetre was presented at the European Youth event, which was hosted by the European Parliament in Strasbourg, France. One article about the YouthMetre was also disseminated during the event through channels of the European Youth Forum.

5. May 2016
Karl Donert published a short article about YouthMetre on the people2power website.

April 2016
First Project Newsletter.

13. April 2016
First press release about the YouthMetre.

22. February 2016
News about YouthMetre Kickoff meeting were published on web, Facebook
 and Twitter of CESIE.

29. January 2016
Article about YM Kickoff meeting was published on the website of ALDA in five languages: English, French, Italian, Russian and Croatian.



YouthMetre presented in Vilnius



YouthMetre @ United Nations 56th Session for Social Development

YouthMetre presentation

YouthMetre @ 5th Global ECPD Youth Forum


YouthMetre presentation

YouthMetre presented in Spain


YouthMetre at UN Ecosoc

YouthMetre at UN Ecosoc


<” target=”_blank”>YouthMetre published

YouthMetre published by Council of Europe


YouthMetre in the Spotlight

YouthMetre in the Spotlight







YouthMetre at the Council of Europe

YouthMetre Voices at the Council of Europe






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European Parliament’s CULT Committee held an exchange of views on the mid-term assessment of the EU Youth Strategy.

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