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On this page we publish links to coverage of the YouthMetre project in media and on diverse websites. Not all of the articles or other media are in English.

30.6.2018 YouthMetre project toolkit a project promotion page and links from Up2Europe

8.5.2018 YouthMetre project & e-tool – YouthProAktiv a project promotion page and links from YouthProAktiv

4.4.2018 Konferencja finałowa projektu YouthMetre final conference promotion from EuroDesk

15.3.2018 YouthMetre Project – an open data tool page promoting the project from the EU Open Data Portal

14.3.2018 YouthMetre project toolkit is now ready to use promotion page from European Youth Press

19.2.2018 YouthMetre: Empower youth to become engaged & have an impact a promotion page from EUROGEO on ResearchGate

15.2.2018 YouthMetre – a tool for forward looking youth participation promotion page from CESIE

5.2.2018 Youth Metre Blog on Feedspot promotion page from FeedSpot

11.1.2018 YouthMetre – Study Group Resources promotion page from Donal Ireland promoting the advocacy toolkit

24.11.2017 YouthMetre project page on ArcGIS Online promotion page from UNIZAR and EUROGEO

21.11.2017 YouthMetre – a tool for forward looking youth participation promotion page from ALDA

20.10.2017 YouthMetre – Open Geographic Information and People Politics project information and presentation shared via Scoop.it

28.9.2017 YouthMetre introduced in Youth for Sustainable Europe – the contribution of youth to the implementation of SDGs blog from LADDER

5.9.2017 YouthMetre innovation showcased in new Council of Europe publication

9.8.2017 – “Open Geographic Information and People Politics” – article from Scoop.It

11.7.2017 – “European-Korean Joint Geography Education Conference” – article from Korean Association of Geographic and Environmental Education

15.6.2017 – “Newsletter from YouthProAktiv” – promoting YouthMetre from YouthProAktiv

9.6.2017 – “UNED Docent Investigacion” – Information from UNED

10.5.2017 – “Incoraggiare la partecipazione attiva dei giovani alla vita democratica con YouthMetre” – article in Open Data Fest

11.4.2017 – “Seminaire YouthMetre” – Information and photos from KJPCW

30.3.2017 – “YouthMetre: a tool for forward looking youth participation” – promotion from UpToEurope

22.2.2017 – “Jongeren In Contact – YouthMetre ” – promotion from Stamp Media

22.2.2017 – “Mladi i kreiranje politika – YouthMetre ” – promotion from the CoR

15.2.2017 – “YUTRECHT, EUROPESE TOPREGIO VOOR DE JEUGD ” – Province of Utrecht

14.2.2017 – “YouthMetre launch at Committee of Regions ” – promotion from the CoR

13.2.2017 – “IGOT representado no Parlamento Europeu pelo ” – an article from CESIE

30.1.2017 – “YouthMetre published research on youth ” – an article from IGOT

4.1.2017 – “YouthMetre e-tool now ready to use! ” – an article by European Youth Press

15.11.2017 – Article on the YouthMetre Study Groups in Slovenian “Vabljeni k udeležbi na srečanju mednarodne skupine YouthMetre newsletter” – published on Web site Winfo.si

11.11.2016 YouthMetre – zajednički projekt 15 europskih zemalja ove subote održava se u Centru za mlade Grabrik ” “- an article about the Study Groups in Croatian

10.11.2016 – YouthMetre update published on the “Home of Geography newsletter” – (.doc file)

17.10.2016 – European online magazine Pandeia based in the UK published an article “Help speak truth to power through YouthMetre” about YouthMetre and Study Group that took place in London on 21-22 October 2016 and was organised in cooperation with Pandeia.

4.10.2016 – Call for videos was published on Eurodesk web site.

29.9.2016 – Call for videos published Concorso video sulle politiche giovanili in Europa – on Web site of Michela Giuffrida MEP.

28.9.2016 – Slovenian website LMIT published information about YouthMetre video competition (in Slovenian here) and programme of local Study Group (in English here).

11.9.2016 – members of the Children and Youth Parliament Charlottenburg-Willmersdorf (Berlin city district) attended Study Group in Berlin on 9.9.2016 and shared information about it on their website (in German). They also attached few pictures from the Study Group.

September 2016 – call for videos was also published on the Croatian website info-mladi.info and on Polish website Europe Direct – Szczecin (already in August 2016).

10.9.2016 – Italian online magazine La Gazzetta di Lucca informed about YouthMetre video competition. You can read the announcement in original language here.

2.9.2016 – Article on YouthMetre in Europe Direct Trapani – newsletter of the Vice President of the European Commission – pdf

22.7.2016 – other videos, photos and information about Study Group in Athens are available in English and Greece on the website of Inter Alia.

July 2016 – International Geographical Union Commission on Geographical Education included article about YouthMetre in their Newsletter #12.

14.7.2016 – you can watch videos with impressions and ideas from the YM Study Group hosted by Inter Alia in Athens on web Parvoz.com.

16.6.2016 – Slovenian radio MARŠ informed about local Study Group on their website (in Slovenian).

Jun 2016University in Ljubljana published an short article about YouthMetre and call for participants of planned local Study Group on their website (only in Slovenian). The call for participants was also published on website Talentiran.si.

17.5.2016 – EUROGEO Newsletter including information about YouthMetre.

5.5.2016 – “ Data dashboards engaging youngsters in youth policy” – a short blog posting on the “ People2Power Web site

21.4.2016 – municipal government of Canadian city of Halifax referred to YouthMetre in their Semi-Annual Youth Engagement Report (page 6).


YouthMetre published

YouthMetre published by Council of Europe


Youth Voices from YouthMetre Study Groups


The view from Fermo (Italy). PH ARS4PROGRESS

The view from Fermo (Italy). PH ARS4PROGRESS