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The project approach derives from the acknowledged difficulty for policy makers to develop ideas and implement initiatives in youth policy fields that respond to the self-perceived needs of youngsters living in their target territories.

YouthMetre partners recognise that this issue has several causes, which include:

  • youngsters scepticism towards policy makers;
  • youngsters’ limited capacity to assess their own needs and translate them into practical policy proposals and projects;
  • policy makers limited capacity to collect the needs of their target population;
  • policy makers limited capacity to ideate and implement innovative and effective initiatives in the youth policy field;
  • the difficulty of creating moments of direct dialogue and exchanges between youngsters and policy makers.

In line with the objectives of the Call for proposals, YouthMetre foresees activities whose specific aim is to provide in-depth knowledge about the self-perceived needs of the target group(s) (Young Europeans) in learning, teaching, training or youth work situations. It uses effective methodologies and tools to help policy makers develop initiatives in line with the target population’s collected needs.

Meeting the indications of the EU Youth Strategy, the project establishes a cross-sectoral approach to empower young people in Europe, in which the target population is actively involved in each phase of the project.

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