YouthMetre Training Resources

YouthMetre training is available in three forms:

i) online as an e-toolkit at
Non-formal methods with step by step instructions on how to use them with groups of young people

ii) as an open Moodle course with guest access using the guest password YouthMetre (capital Y and M) to access the materials.
A full training course that will give you a complete understanding of all the topics covered by YouthMetre and

iii) as three downloadable files the YouthMetre training package includes:
YouthMetre Curriculum (theoretical inputs and practical activities) 8Mb pdf;
ANNEX 1 YouthMetre Training Plan (sample training agenda and instructions on how to deliver the training face to face);
ANNEX 2 YouthMetre Training Materials (printable working sheets, resources and presentations to use during face to face training sessions – 10Mb zip file).

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What is YouthMetre Training?

YouthMetre training is a free to access and use set of resources that explores a new and creative way to empower and engage young people across Europe in influencing youth policy, in particular through the use of the innovative e-tool YouthMetre and the advocacy toolkit. The materials can also be downloaded for local use.

Who is YouthMetre Training for?

YouthMetre training is addressed to all those who work with young people and want to create concrete occasions for them to express their needs, increase their participation in the political dialogue and influence the design of policies that affect them, at European, national, regional and local level.

What will you learn?

Through YouthMetre training you will:

  • discover more about European Youth Policy and get to know examples of good practices across Europe that improved young people lives
  • be able to approach young people in a creative way to help them express their ideas for Europe of the future
  • know how to use the YouthMetre to support young people to get involved in decision-making processes and use data visualization to advocate forward policy makers

Training Multipliers

The online training materials have been developed for multipliers and multiplier organisations to access. They are also available for others who want to know how to use the YouthMetre to develop a campaign for their cause, improve information and advocacy skills, better understand data behind policymaking and learn how to communicate with policy makers, authorities and the general public.

Multiplier organisations and others using the e-toolkit and resources created should respect any instructions and guidelines created by project partners and reference and cite the YouthMetre project in all communication.

What Modules?

YouthMetre modules

Other resources

Additional training resources for multipliers are available on how to use the YouthMetre and spread the word about it as well as other materials that have been developed. All the resources available are open for use with the YouthMetre e-tool (and other open data sources) and in follow-up events, workshops and activities.

Case studies on the use of the YouthMetre: