YM Multipliers

What are YouthMetre Multipliers?

YouthMetre Multipliers are individuals or organisations working in close cooperation with project consortium on dissemination of the YouthMetre. They can also organise follow-up events. If you are interested in becoming multiplier, please get in touch with us via e-mail or attend our events (Study Group sessions, training of multipliers).

Interested people are also encouraged to use the training for multipliers which can be accessed online on downloaded for local use.

If you use the training resources for multipliers on how to use the YouthMetre, please spread the word about it. A series of other materials have been developed as part of the YouthMetre Project. All of them are for the exclusive use with the YouthMetre e-tool and the resources also include materials developed for dissemination activities, media coverage and follow-up events, such as training for youth, NGOs and local and regional authorities. YM Multipliers should respect instructions and Guidelines created by project partners. Any other promotional or commercial use is strictly prohibited.

Case studies on use of the YouthMetre

A number of useful and interesting Case Studies have been developed by young people working on the YouthMetre project. They include:


Promotional materials

The YouthMetre Project has developed a number of resources which can be used to promote and disseminate the YouthMetre and its training resources. Please feel free to download them and share them with your contacts.


Project Newsletters

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