Youth in my country

Activity: if you want to start activating the training participants before actually meeting them and do some preliminary work to introduce them to the training topic and YouthMetre tools, you can ask them to undertake a quick research activity using the YouthMetre e-tool. This activity will let them become familiar with the e-tool and with the other members of the group.

Time: 30 minutes.

Materials: participants’ preliminary research conducted at home.

Step 1

At home: ask the participants to undertake some research using the YouthMetre e-tool, using one of the 5 tabs which are part of it (Youth Index, Dashboard, Good Practices, Indicators by Country, Youth Preferences) and collect data regarding their country or region.

Explain to them that they can describe any of the socio-economic information that they find relevant to describe their country. They don’t need to be too detailed, ask them to bring a map (for example a screenshots of the map they consulted) or a written description in few words of the information found.

YouthMetre e-tool
YouthMetre Training presentation

Step 2

When you first meet the participants:
i) do an icebreaker exercise, download and use an example icebreaker activity.

ii) do a round of presentations asking the participants to introduce themselves and their country or region, explaining in that occasion the data or information they found on the e-tool.

iii) download, play and discuss the presentation on the YouthMetre approach.

Step 3

Debriefing: try to group the typology of information the participants gave during their presentations.

Did they bring a single data set or more?
Did they compare data from different countries or years?
Ask them how they felt when using the tool and what they thought of the presentations made by the groups.