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What is Youth Policy?

EU Youth Policy has two main objectives:

  1. To provide more and equal opportunities for young people in education and the job market
  2. To encourage young people to actively participate in society.

The Youth Policy objectives are achieved through:

  • Specific youth initiatives, targeted at young people to encourage non-formal learning, participation, voluntary activities, youth work, mobility and information,
  • ‘Mainstreaming’ cross-sector initiatives that ensure youth issues are taken into account when formulating, implementing and evaluating policies and actions in other fields with a significant impact on young people, such as education, employment or health and well-being.

Youth Polic Key Areas   

The EU Youth Strategy proposes initiatives in eight areas:

Implementing Youth Policy

EU policy is targeted at European level, yet implemented at national, regional and local scales. Therefore YouthMetre responds by developing tools and approaches that can be applied across Europe.

YouthMetre establishes a clear European methodology and will offer a tool that presents information in visual and data-rich formats for young people to access and use in their own local, regional, national and even European contexts.

Digital Participation

YouthMetre has been developed in line with data collection and indications provided by the EU, based on Article 165(2) of the Treaty on the Functioning of the EU that states the aim of “encouraging the participation of young people in democratic life in Europe”.

YouthMetre implements innovative solutions to promote dialogue between youth and policy makers in order to increase active citizenship, foster social integration, and ensure inclusion of the young in EU policy development in line with the recent indications provided by the EU Youth Strategy.

Reforming Policy

In line with the objectives of the Erasmus+ Programme and in order to foster the achievement of Europe 2020 goals, the YouthMetre project aims at supporting EU Member States, municipalities and regions in carrying out effective policy reforms in the field of Youth, in line with the indications provided by the EU Youth Strategy and according to the priorities perceived by its target population: young Europeans.

The project contributes to the Open Method of Coordination in the field of youth since it envisages the establishment of a set of indicators measuring the “performance” of local authorities in youth policies field and fosters the exchange of good practices.

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